10 Tips For Making Money While Shopping

10 Tips For Making Money While Shopping

Whenever you shop, you spend money. There are various means to make a little extra money while you shop. For instance, using a cashback credit card will certainly earn you some money. In today’s article, you will uncover some smart ways to make money while shopping.

#1 Cashback Credit Card

With your credit or debit card, check to see if yours has a cashback option. Some will have cashback options for specific stores, and others will have cashback options for all purchases made.

#2 Referral Programs

Enquire at your favorite stores to see if they have a referral program in place so you can refer your friends and family. Some stores offer a discount to both you and the people you refer, and some stores or apps offer additional points to help build your value before cashing them out.

#3 Cashback websites

Look for websites that offer you a cashback option if you shop from their site. If you go to these websites first, they will offer you a percentage back on your total purchase, and the percentage varies from store to store.

#4 Coupons

Many people grew up clipping coupons, and coupons are still a great way to save money on purchases. Now, you can find coupons online whether they are from the manufacturer, store, or a third-party website.

#5 Moneymaker Coupons

Maximize your savings by stacking coupons along with store promotions and sale prices. If you have the right savings opportunities, you could have a negative balance which will result in either the store paying you the overage or letting you simply having the product for free.

#6 Promotional Deals

Watch for promotional deals that offer incentives (gift cards, rebate, etc.) if you purchase certain products, and they might be from the stores or the manufacturer.

#7 Mystery Shopping

Join a mystery shopper program where you are paid as you shop at stores you normally frequent. You will be asked to answer various questions and could have to submit pictures of products or store layout, but the most important part is you being stealth.

#8 Loyalty Cards

Check to see if your frequent stores have loyalty programs. Whether it’s a percentage off your total each time or a punch card for each visit, it’s essential to sign up for what each store offers.

#9 Rebate Apps

Use rebate apps to find deals on items you purchased. With most apps, you will need to take a picture of your receipt and either find rebates on your purchased products or allow the app to find the rebates for you.

#10 Activity Apps

Download activity apps that reward you for performing different activities while shopping, and this could be as easy as taking a picture of product displays, scanning a product’s barcode, or simply walking into a store.

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