15 Unique Ideas That Will Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching which has made some of us excited and stressed at the same time. It’s the day when we celebrate the ladies in our life. Whether it’s mommy, grandma, step-mom, mother-in-law, or the mother of your children, these incredible women have shaped and influenced our lives at some point. So it’s only fitting that we honor these women in our lives and surprise them on their special day.

How to Surprise Your Special Woman on Mother’s Day

  1. Breakfast in bed for mom: Start the day with a homemade filling breakfast. For those early risers, you can run to the nearest store to buy their favorite morning munchies.
  2. Help her finish her to-do list: Moms are super busy. They have to juggle housework with their jobs. This Mother’s Day, why not help her accomplish the tasks she has been putting off? Completing her to-do list gives her additional time for herself.
  3. Prepare a delicious meal: Instead of dining out or ordering takeout, why not stay at home, pop open some wine, and enjoy a homecooked dinner. If you have kids, include them to have a fun family activity.
  4. Bake a special dessert: If you haven’t tried making anything from scratch, now is the time to test your baking skills. Skip the store-bought sweets ad go for something you know they would love. You can even design it based on what they love.
  5. Send her favorite flowers: Fresh flowers are always a great idea. Flowers are popular Mother’s Day gifts for their symbolism and their appeal. If you don’t know her favorite, you can always send her pink flowers such as carnations and roses.
  6. Take a class together: Sign up for a class you have always wanted to join. Several online and offline courses allow you to upskill. You will not only get new experiences, but you will also get a chance to bond.
  7. Create the ultimate home spa experience: Does mom need some R&R? Give her what she needs by setting up a home spa in your master bedroom with some candles, essential oils, and ambient music. An hour of pampering and peace will have them feeling refreshed and renewed.
  8. Spend the day out: Surprise mom with a date. Take her on an outing to places she’s been meaning to check or wants to see. It can be to the newly opened local market or a trip to experience Mother Nature for a day.
  9. Go the DIY route: The best gifts are often hand-made. Take time to make mum something special. Get crafty and creative in making your special surprise. Don’t forget to sign off your creation with a greeting card or handwritten letter.
  10. Collect her favorites in a basket: If you can’t decide which gifts to give them, you can always gather small gifts to create a lovely gift basket. Pre-made gift baskets are also available. These contain snacks, cosmetics, and even tea and coffee.
  11. Plant an indoor garden: Plant moms or green-thumbed ladies will surely enjoy having an indoor garden. A mini herb garden is fun to have and easy to create. It is compact enough for the kitchen window sill. Mom will love all the fresh herbs to use for cooking!
  12. Order subscription gifts: One gift is cool, but what about a year of receiving gifts? She is sure to jump for joy every time the bell rings. Nowadays, there are many subscription services to choose from that will make moms happy. Just pick something she doesn’t have or is deeply interested in to keep her on her toes.
  13. Take a trip down memory lane: Spend a day reminiscing the good ol’ times by bringing out your picture books, photo albums, or collection of digital photos. Spend a day laughing and crying at the memories and end the day by snapping photos to preserve current memories.
  14. Treat her to something fancy: Moms deserve the best in life. It can be the best handbag, a lavish dining experience, or a night at a 5-star hotel. For just one day, splurge for your favorite woman and let her experience what it’s like to live like royalty.
  15. Bring the family together: Has it been a while since the whole family was together? Gather the entire family and celebrate Mother’s Day together. Moms like seeing all their children in one place.

Celebrating Mother’s Day isn’t new to us. But some families like to keep things exciting and fresh. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give mothers a surprise they will not forget. Whether near or far from them, consider giving them a meaningful experience. Try these unique Mother’s Day ideas to make mom happy and have memories she will treasure for a lifetime. Whether you choose experiences or things, moms will appreciate the effort you put into remembering this special day.

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