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A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Shaolin Monk

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most respected and revered martial arts in the world. The practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin monks, are revered as dedicated fighters. However, Shaolin Kung Fu is more than just a martial art. It is part of an overall spirituality based on Buddhism. If you want to follow the path of a Shaolin monk, you have to change your life completely. Shaolin monks give up a lot, deny themselves typical pleasures that we take for granted, and dedicate their lives completely to their faith.

Find out about life as a Shaolin monk

Find out what it means to be a Shaolin monk.

Before you do anything, you must carefully research what it means to be a Shaolin monk. These include the duties, duties, requirements, and other qualifications of a Shaolin monk. You don’t learn kung fu to fight, but to discipline the body and for the beauty of animal movements that you imitate and that bring you into harmony with nature. There are many books that you can read that will educate you about philosophy, Buddhism, and meditation. You should understand the history of kung fu and its development over 1500 years. You must know that not all Shaolin monks are the greatest warriors. They are basically Buddhist monks who have learned the technique of Shaolin. You must know the strict standards that Shaolin monks must meet today. You must understand the philosophy and spiritual aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu.

You have to understand that Shaolin Kung Fu is not just about fighting.

Shaolin is a complete world view and lifestyle with the goal of becoming a balanced and strong individual who is at peace with himself and the world. The martial arts aspect of Shaolin is just the physical expression of an overall spirituality that you must learn and live by as a Shaolin monk. Shaolin Kung Fu originated from Buddhism. Shaolin Kung Fu requires intensive training, self-discipline and self-reflection. Shaolin monks must devote themselves entirely to their path in life.

Find out about Buddhism.

Buddhism is the basis of Shaolin spirituality. To truly understand what it means to be a Shaolin monk, you must also understand what it means to live as a Buddhist. If you like the idea of ​​being a Buddhist, then go further on your path.

Accept Shaolin Buddhism

Commit to Buddhism.

Now that you have learned the basics and understand what it means to be a Shaolin monk and a Buddhist, you must make a decision to commit to life as a Buddhist. This is your first real step in the journey to life as a Shaolin monk. As a Buddhist you must live by the “Four Noble Truths”. Suffering is part of life. The craving for power and physical pleasure is a major cause of suffering. We can escape suffering by overcoming desire. We can find happiness or “Nirvana” by following a special path (the Eightfold Path) in our everyday life.

Follow the Eightfold Path daily.

The Eightfold Path is the basis of daily life for Buddhists and Shaolin monks. The path is designed to change how you live and see the world. He will change your interactions with friends, family and strangers. Go to the following website for more information:

Change your diet.

You must adopt the diet that conforms to Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu. These dietary regulations are part of the Buddhist belief and Shaolin devotion to self-control and self-restraint. For many people they can be a challenge. eat less Avoid overeating at all costs. Don’t eat meat. Don’t eat simple carbohydrates. Eat raw foods. Some monks do this at every meal, but you should start with one.

Become a Shaolin Monk

Find Shaolin teachers or Shaolin monks in your area.

Depending on where you live, there may be Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners in your area. These teachers can best help you learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu and the steps you need to take to become a Shaolin monk. It is important that you speak to one of these teachers or monks before continuing on your path to becoming a monk yourself. Consider the following: The Shaolin Kung Fu Temple in Berlin. The Shaolin Temple Austria in Vienna. If you cannot find a practitioner near you, you must travel accordingly.

Try becoming a disciple at a temple near you.

After your previous education, visiting a Shaolin Temple is the next step on the path to becoming a Shaolin Monk. Here you will meet people who learned as students of Shaolin. The masters in Europe received their training in one of the main Shaolin temples in China. However, training in a European temple will not be as comprehensive and complete as training in China.

Consider traveling to China and studying at a Shaolin Temple there.

If you don’t want to train in a temple in your home country, you can travel to China. China is the home of Shaolin Kung Fu and as such there are many Shaolin Temples that accept students. Training in China can be the best way to become a Shaolin monk. But consider this: The training takes place all day. You will not be able to work, meet people, or do other things outside of the temple. Your life will be entirely devoted to training. It can be expensive to travel to and train at a temple. There are many Shaolin temples in China that vary in quality. So do your research before you decide to travel.

You must be accepted as a student in a Shaolin Temple.

In order to become a monk, you must be accepted into a training program at a temple. If you meet the strict requirements of the training, you will eventually be made a Shaolin monk. After that you will find a place as one of the many different monks. The various monks include: Clerical monks. These are the monks who perform the daily religious rites. learned monks. These monks are devoted to knowledge and scholarship. battle monks. These monks focus on the martial arts aspect of Shaolin.

Observe the strict requirements of Buddhism.

After becoming a monk, you must adhere to the strict requirements of Buddhism. Your life will change completely. There are many things that you must give up and that you can no longer do. Consider this: Shaolin monks are committed to a life of celibacy. Shaolin monks are not allowed to eat meat. Shaolin monks do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. Shaolin monks reject a life of material possessions, pretense consumption and consumer culture.

Consider becoming a lay monk.

There are Shaolin monks who have been trained as monks but do not follow the strict requirements of Buddhism – these are lay monks. Life as a Shaolin lay monk might be right for you if you cannot devote your entire life to these strict requirements. Lay monks are allowed to marry and have a job. Lay monks are sometimes allowed to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Lay monks could even eat meat.


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