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How to add a stop to a route in Apple Maps

This article teaches you how to add stopovers along a route, e.g. B. for gas stations and restaurants.

Create a route

Open the Maps app.

The app’s icon shows a map, you can find it on the home screen.

Tap the search box at the bottom of the map.

Enter your final destination.

Tap your goal in the results.

You can see it under the box.



Tap next to the route you want

Go The map zooms to the start area of ​​the route and shows the first directions.

Insert a stopover

Tap on the bottom of the screen.

A menu will appear showing basic information about the route, e.g. B. Distance, travel time and estimated time of arrival.

Tap a stopover category.

You’ll see different icons depending on your location and time of day, such as gas stations, restaurants, cafes, etc. The map will show a list of nearby places that fit that category for you to choose from. There is currently no way to add a custom stop or another destination to a route. If you have multiple stops, you must enter a new route for each destination.

Tap next to the desired stopover

Go The map shows the new route to the stopover and starts with the first directions. To return to your original route, simply tap “Return to route to…” at the top of the screen.


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