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How to Save Money on Amazon

Look Out For Coupons

Amazon offers coupons on many items, and it often only takes a single click to claim these savings. When looking at the listing, keep an eye out for the orange and green “coupon” notification below the price. Checking this box can offer savings with no extra hassle. You can also search coupons specifically by clicking on the “coupon” tab at the top of Amazon’s homepage.


Rebaid is a service that offers up to 100% cash back when you buy items on Amazon, eBay, Target, Etsy and even Shopify stores. All you need to do is create an account and start shopping! When looking at Rebaid you will see a wide range of eligible products offering either discounts or full cash back. When you find an item that you’re interested in, follow the steps on the website which will redirect you to Amazon to purchase from the Amazon website. After that, input your order number on Rebaid’s website and submit it for your rebate. 


Buy Used Items

Items such as books, small household appliances, some electronics, and more often have the option of buying used rather than new. You can choose this option by scrolling down on the listing and selecting “buy used” where you’ll be given a list of options with varying levels of usage (very good, good, acceptable). A new 2020 MacBook Pro, for example, would cost you about $1,250 while a lightly used one is only $1,000. While these items can have cosmetic imperfections or general signs of use, this option can save you a lot of money on “big ticket” items. 

Browse Amazon’s Sale Section

On the homepage of Amazon, under the “coupon” tab there is a whole section of sale items and coupons to take advantage of. You can search by category if you are on the hunt for a specific product or you can simply browse the sale homepage for anything that catches your eye. This tab offers coupons, warehouse, and digital deals, as well as outlet deals. These options offer discounts on thousands of items from household goods to personal care to clothing. This section also offers overstock deals, which can offer deep discounts on items you may be looking for anyway. 

Install A Price Tracker

price tracker

A helpful tool when looking for the best deal is a price tracker, as prices for some products can fluctuate a lot. A price tracker can also tell you if the price listed is especially high or low based on past trends and can help inform your decision to buy an item or not. If you see a price is the lowest it’s been in the last 3 months, for example, you’d know that it’s a good time to buy! Some great price trackers are Honey or Rakuten.

Browse Color Options For the Best Deal

Oftentimes the price of items on Amazon will differ based on color or style. If you aren’t particular about the color of an item you’re searching for, consider choosing the least expensive color option to save a few extra bucks. In some cases, you can save up to 30% or more on an item by selecting a different color option! This tip is most useful when buying things like phone/laptop chargers, tools, or any other item that serves a more utilitarian purpose than an aesthetic one. 


For items you buy regularly, such as toiletries or household items, consider subscribing for scheduled, automated deliveries. Not only does this function take an item off your to-do list, but it also can save you between 5-15% off the original price! This feature does not cost any extra money and you have the ability to cancel at any time with no penalty. Items can be delivered to you at intervals of every 2 weeks up to every 6 months. 

Amazon Prime

If you shop on Amazon frequently enough, it might make sense to invest in an Amazon Prime account. Prime offers perks such as free and/or expedited shipping on orders as well as discounts on items non-prime members do not have access to. Prime also gives you access to Amazon’s streaming service which offers a wide array of movies and TV shows. Amazon prime is $12.99/month or $6.49/month for current students. 

Slower Delivery Options

If Amazon Prime is not for you, this shipping trick could save you a few bucks at checkout. When non-prime members check out, there is an option to pay for expedited delivery. If you can wait a few extra days for your items to arrive, you can select regular delivery which is generally less expensive, or free if your order is over $25. 

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