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How to Turn on Image Previews in Folders in Windows 10

This article teaches you how to display thumbnails of pictures in folders on your Windows 10 computer. While image preview should always be on by default, some versions of Windows 10 may have it unintentionally turned off. You can enable previews in Windows Explorer settings, although you’ll also need to ensure your folder is viewed with a view option that allows thumbnail previews.

Enable image preview

Open Windows Explorer

To do this, click the Windows Explorer folder-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen or press ⊞ Win + E . If you don’t see the Windows Explorer icon at the bottom of the screen, you can also click Start, enter windows explorer and Click Windows Explorer in the menu at the top.

Open your folder.

Using the left column of Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you want to enable image preview.

Click the tab in the top-left corner of Windows Explorer

View A toolbar is displayed.

Click this in the top-right corner of the window

Options It shows a box with a checkmark on it. A pop-up will appear.

Click the tab at the top of this pop-up


Uncheck the “Always show icons, never thumbnails” box.

This is in the “Files and Folders” section near the bottom of the window. If you don’t see this field, double-click the “Files and Folders” heading to make it appear. If the tick here has already been removed, you may need to fix a corrupt thumbnail cache first.

Click on

Apply OK Both options are at the bottom of the window. This will apply your settings and close the window.

Make sure your folder is shown in the correct view.

To see thumbnails, your folder must display files and folders with a view option that supports it, such as Extra Large Icons. To change the current display setting, proceed as follows: Click on the Display tab. Click one of the following “Layout” options: Extra Large Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, Tiles, or Content.

Fix corrupt thumbnails

Know when this is necessary.

Windows 10 keeps a thumbnail cache for all files on your computer. If this cache gets corrupted, the images in your folders may no longer display correctly. If you’ve already tried enabling image previews, clearing the thumbnail cache may fix your problem.

Open Start

To do this, click on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen.

Open Disk Cleanup.

Type in disk cleanup and then click Disk Cleanup when it appears at the top of the Start menu. A pop-up will appear. You may have to click on the Disk Cleanup icon if it appears in the taskbar to open a new pop-up.

Scroll down and check “Thumbnails”.

You can uncheck all of the other boxes in the main window, but “Thumbnails” must be checked.

Click at the bottom of the window


Click on

Delete Files Disk Cleanup will start deleting the thumbnails on your computer from the cache.

Wait for the thumbnails to clear.

This may take a few minutes, especially if you’ve never deleted your thumbnails before. Once the pop-up disappears, you can continue.

Open your favorite folder.

Go to the folder where you want the thumbnails to appear. After a few moments to refresh, your images’ thumbnails should appear.

If needed.

If the thumbnails are still not showing, you may need to disable the “Always show icons, never thumbnails” settings and make sure your folder is showing in the correct view option.


Most versions of Windows 10 have image preview turned on by default. A corrupt thumbnail cache can have various causes such as a system update or a virus.

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