Nightstands – Redecorating on a Budget

Are you dying to redecorate your bedroom but have a limited budget? There are some great ways that you can get any type of furniture you want, including nightstands, for really cheap prices. There are different options for different styles, but in the end, online is the way to go.

Here are a few ways you might hunt for the nightstands you love.

Antique malls, flea markets, and swap meets for an eclectic look

If you love furniture that has character and have a flair for eclectic decor, getting second-hand nightstands can be very appealing. It’s also very friendly to the pocketbook. You can find vintage and unique nightstands at local flea markets and swap meets, usually at much lower prices than you would find online.

Antique malls can also be helpful in finding either eclectic or traditional pieces, especially if you come across an original commode converted to a nightstand. While antiques can be costly, antique malls offer much lower prices than auction houses. You can often get something on the cheap and refinish it for a new nightstand.

Of course, the problem with this is that you are buying second-hand furniture, and the nightstands might be falling apart or need some work. But the people that love eclectic styles the most are usually willing to put in the effort.

Retail and clearance sales

Furniture stores have fairly frequent sale events that allow you to get high-quality nightstands at steeply discounted prices. If you are not in dire need and can wait for a sale, you’ll get the best prices at those events. Retail furniture sales, including clearance sales, typically run in January, February, July, September, and November. Online furniture stores run sales year-round on specific furniture collections or brands.

Online furniture stores have the best price

Regardless of the style, brand, or collection, you want to choose from, online furniture stores are the best place to get inexpensive nightstands. Some of these online retailers are able to purchase nightstands in bulk, reducing their costs and passing on those savings to you, their customers.

These are the same trending nightstands that you can order directly from the brand but at a much cheaper price. The caveat is that furniture bought from an online retailer will likely need at least some assembly.

Online furniture stores also have the available warehouse space to house past collections much longer than brick and mortar stores. That means you can get high-quality nightstands at a fraction of the price, with clearance sales running year-round.

Decorating your bedroom on a budget doesn’t have to limit your options. With online shopping, you’ll have access to any nightstand you might want. The best online stores will offer several filters, including size, drawers, shelves, or other features.

This allows you to narrow down your choices even further, allowing you to get the perfect nightstand for your bedroom. Shopping online also gives you the opportunity to get vintage or traditional replicas for an eclectic look with new, durable furniture.

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