the chrismas tree decoration

The Ultimate Guide to decorate your Christmas tree

A decorated Christmas tree gives the home a cheerful ambiance during the festive season. Decorate your home in a festive way by following the simple steps below.

Attach the lights to the tree

Plug your Christmas lights into an outlet.

Do this before hanging the lights on the Christmas tree to make sure there aren’t any burned-out bulbs.

Attach the lights to the tree.

Follow this step before attaching the decoration. LED bulbs are the best choice for a real tree as they don’t heat up as quickly. The Round Wrap Technique: Wrap the fairy lights around the top of the tree and work your way down. For a 1.80 m high tree you need about 6 light chains, each with 100 light bulbs. Place your first bulb at the top of the tree. This light will illuminate the star that you will attach later. Secure your fairy lights by looping them around the branches. The vertical wrapping technique: Divide your tree into 3 sections. Each section gets its own lights. Starting at the bottom of the tree, weave the string of lights up through the tree and back again from the bottom up. Repeat this process.

Connect your string of lights to an extension cord and plug it into a nearby outlet.

Attach the tree decoration

Wrap the base of the tree in plastic.

The plastic will catch falling pine needles. Hide the plastic behind a festive Christmas tree blanket. These Christmas tree toppers will add beauty to your tree and prevent your floor from being covered with pine needles.

Attach the Christmas decorations.

Look for branches that are a little further apart so your jewelry doesn’t rest on the lower branches.

Hang the heavier ornaments further in, near the trunk.

The tree is strongest at this point and can carry greater weight.

Attach the jewelry near the string of lights to make it stand out.

This works particularly well with shiny spheres, metal elements, and glass, as these reflect the light particularly well and sparkle.

Distribute the Christmas tree decorations evenly in the fir.

Be careful not to overhang the branches. If a branch is loaded too heavily, the decoration could fall off or the branch could break.

Add more decoration.

It could be bows, straw jewelry, or crafted elements. Check our holiday decors here.

Decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel (optional).

Tinsel will add shine to your tree. Hang it near the fairy lights so that it glitters especially beautifully. Note, however, that too much tinsel can overshadow the rest of the tree decorations. For a more modern vibe, go with colored rather than silver tinsel.

Attach the star (or any other element you would like to see on the Christmas treetop).

Make sure it’s attached securely and straight.

Turn off the lights in your house.

Admire the festive Christmas tree and enjoy the festive spirit.

Ideas for themed Christmas trees

Create a traditional look with crimson, silver, and gold balls.

The balls can be made of glass or plastic. Add faux winter berries and silver bells to complete the traditional Christmas tree.

Place silver blossoms on the Christmas tree to give it a floral touch.

Use white rather than colored lights to accentuate the flowers. Silk roses, magnolias, and hydrangeas are good choices for a wintry look. Also, use colored ribbon, small silver baubles, or glittery glass elements for a sparkling, floral Christmas tree.

Create a natural look with rustic metal or glass elements and add pinecones to your tree.

Use bird elements and artificial leaves for decoration. White highlights are recommended for this natural look.

Hang big bright balls for a modern look.

Colors such as light green, purple, light blue, and hot pink are ideal. The combination of fairy lights with large bulbs and a mix of small and large decorative items will give your Christmas tree a modern, snazzy look.


When buying the Christmas tree, make sure that all branches grow as evenly as possible. Avoid trees with large bare patches that don’t have branches growing, as you won’t be able to hang jewelry there (and it will look weird). Craft sales can be a great way to acquire interesting items for your Christmas tree.


Be careful with broken Christmas ornaments, the corners may be sharp. Never use candles on your tree as they are very dangerous and can cause a fire. If the light bulbs get hot, make sure the tree doesn’t catch fire and you don’t burn yourself. Do not subject the sockets to excessive loads! It is a typical occurrence at Christmas time and can lead to a fire. Never leave the string of lights on all night, especially if it’s a real tree. Unplug the fairy lights when you go to bed.

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